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Drink too much coffee, wear lipstick that’s too dark, and never settle for a life you don’t want.

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"I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations."

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Thought About the You

I’m here, but anywhere else except here.
Since we all want to be anywhere else except here. Not because the place isn’t pretty enough or isn’t comfortable enough, but because we are not able to appreciate every moment of our lives no matter how miserable it can be, as long as you live it. We do not want to forget the hard moments or the bad memories, since we’ll then have to forget the reason why we changed, and accept the fact that we changed as if we’ve always been that way. But don’t loose yourself ,the very first part of the you. This is the reason why we need to remember and have a special thought once in while about every moment we went through and appreciated also, and be thankful for it. We became the person we are today and every upcoming second because of the last second. The day you’re gonna accept the past, then and only then you’ll be able to work on your future. I know some people aren’t able to think about the future, concept of maturity or whatever, but in fact they have dreams, they have envie and desire for something. This is also future. Small steps bring you to better future. We all change for the better, never for the worst, you only need people to have enough comprehension about life to understand it and surround yourself with these people, slowly you’ll loose the others. They will hear about you, just by “curiosity”, and will have a small amount of regret for not understanding. It is always too late for regret. You gotta take this regret and apply it to work on your better future this is the ‘better you’.

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Reminiscence, 2008-10 by Brendan George Ko

"I am searching for shades of myself, investigating my past, and finding captions that speak for each moment I had forgotten. Instead of a motorcycle, I use my feet for this journey; searching the terrain that surrounds me for my past self that has so rapidly changed over the course of half decade. And like the glass chamber that filled the dream of Phaedrus, I am only an observer to my history; completely powerless to influence change. But it is our history that makes who we are today, and it is who we are today that makes who we are tomorrow. Through my own investigation, I am reading old journal entries, and biographical fiction I wrote in different times of my life. My words will find themselves on windows of places that hold a certain memory, and after they are documented they will remain as mementos to remind me of this act as well as to engage to others who pass by. The sceneries behind these windows will be out of focus like the memory of the captions have faded through time, becoming less clear and less real."

- Artists’ Statement

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